Book more sales meetings by finding high-intent leads and sending hyper-personalized cold emails.

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B2B SaaS founders

For founder-led sales of venture-backed companies looking to speed up the discovery of a repeatable sales process.


Time is precious

Finding leads & drafting emails is not a good use of your time. It’s also stressful, boring and a specialized skill.



Aristotle is trained in finding high-intent leads and performance cold emailing using the latest tools, models and processes to help you discover a repeatable sales process faster.



Let Aristotle know whom you want to meet and why.

Work together to establish your initial customer persona.


Aristotle finds the most relevant individuals and crafts personalized high-conversion email templates.

Approve your shortlisted leads & email templates.


Aristotle connects to your mailbox, sends emails, follows up with those who reply and books meetings on your calendar.

Receive a pre-meeting brief with all information and tactical insights to help you close.


Aristotle sends you a fortnightly report on results and learnings that will be carried to your next email sequence.

Iterate to a repeatable sales process.


2X Your Response Rate

Aristotle sends the right message at the right time to the right person in the right tone. Say no to 'spray and pray.'




"Aristotle has put my outbound on autopilot"

Founder & CEO at Flixed 

$2.5M+ in ARR 


Hesh & Dulitha

Our co-founders were EIRs at Hustle Fund, an early-stage VC firm based in San Francisco and Singapore.

Hesh was previously in the digital health space, where he founded Sri Lanka’s leading digital health company. Hustle Fund and Techstars backed him. You can find him hatching a political revolution to overthrow the current establishment in his spare time!

Dulitha built a product that helps 50,000 authors write best-selling books on Amazon. He previously tinkered with AI/ML startup to optimize content creation and delivery. He currently lives as a digital nomad integrating into different esoteric cultures every quarter.


What are the uses cases?
  • Book meetings at scale.
  • Discover your ideal customer profile.
  • Validate new product offerings.
  • Validate and reach new target audiences.
  • Scale and optimize existing strategies.
  • Add discipline and structure to your outbound.
What tools does Aristotle use?

Aristotle uses over 20 tools and models, including Zoominfo, Apollo, Linkedin Sales Navigator, Hunter, Lemlist, BuiltWith, ChatGPT, OpenAI, SmartWriter,, ZeroBounce and Quickmail. Aristotle also constantly monitors the internet, building proprietary lists based on fundraising announcements, press releases etc.

What email address do Aristotle use?

Aristotle uses your email address by connecting to your mailbox.

What access does Aristotle have to my mailbox?

Aristotle has minimal access to your mailbox. Aristotle sends approved emails, on your behalf, to approved leads and views & responds to replies. Aristotle does not have access to any other emails.

How does Aristotle ensure my personal brand is preserved when emailing on my behalf?

Aristotle crafts personalized email copy that aligns with your communication style. Aristotle also gets your approval on the email templates before sending a single email.

Do Aristotle mass email leads?

No. Aristotle crafts a personalized email for every lead. Aristotle also gets your approval on the shortlisted leads before sending a single email.

How does Aristotle find leads?

Aristotle constantly monitors the internet to build lists based on industries. Aristotle also uses a combination of tools such as Apollo and LinkedIn Sales Navigator to find leads.

Does Aristotle respond to emails?

Yes. Aristotle aims for you to just turn up at meetings. Aristotle will reply to emails and only brings you in if there is something specific that they require your help answering.

How long does it take to start sending emails?

Aristotle needs two weeks to crystalize your target persona, build an initial list of leads and get the correct email copy in place before sending emails.

How long before I can expect to see results?

It usually takes 2 to 3 months to start seeing results.

Aristotle aims to get you into the cadence of sending a highly personalized cold email sequence to a fresh batch of 25 to 50 leads every fortnight.

Aristotle also needs two weeks before sending your first email in order to get everything set up just right.

How is Aristotle different from an outbound agency?

Outsourcing sales before you have a repeatable sales process is a big mistake for founders as you miss important insights along the way. Aristotle gives you the best of both worlds by guiding you and doing the grunt work in iterating to a repeatable sales process whilst still keeping you in the driver's seat to absorb all the learnings. Aristotle constantly learns from campaigns that are being executed. 

What's an example email Aristotle has sent?


  • 72% open rate
  • 23% positive response rate


Being a fellow Steve Jobs fan, this has got to be my fav story from him: It comforted me to hear this when going through many startup trials.

I’m an EIR at Hustle Fund (a pre-seed fund based in SF and Singapore) working on Aristotle, a product that helps you build and iterate your outbound sales strategy to a repeatable process.

We are at the solution validation phase and looking to connect with folks that can give us advice.

Given that you have successfully navigated this phase with [REDACTED], I figured you’d have a good view here :)

Would you be free for a quick chat sometime next week?

Some background on me - Previously, I was in the digital health space, where I founded Sri Lanka’s largest digital health company. We were backed by Hustle Fund and Techstars.

If you’re too busy, no worries! No reply needed.



Could I do this myself?

Yes. But it’s boring and not a good use of your time. Aristotle is also specially trained in cold emailing to help you be more efficient.

Where are you based?

We are a fully remote company based in San Francisco 🇺🇸 

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