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Unlock cold email as an effective sales channel

Discover your ideal customers · Find messaging that resonates · Book your meetings on autopilot.

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Is this you?

  • You're getting left on read when you send emails and you don't know why.

  • You're unsure if you've picked the right audience for your product.

  • You feel you could be doing higher ROI activities than email.

  • You need to speed up the discovery of a repeatable sales process.

What if you could know precisely what messaging resonates with your customers? And get your calendar pinging with sales meetings?

All while freeing you up to focus on closing deals.

With Aristotle, you can.

ICP identification

Stop guessing. Start discovering your true market.

Your company is spinning its wheels because you're still guessing your ideal customer.

There's a way around it.

You just have to rely less on your intuition and more on data-backed evidence to identify the right customer.

You'll be able to run multiple experiments across customer personas and test them for interest with Aristotle.

B2B value proposition testing

Boost your response rates. Increase sales meetings.

You shouldn't be losing sleep over:

  • Worrying if your email actually resonates
  • Sounding like a used car salesperson in your copy
  • Personalizing each email for every single person

It's possible to dramatically increase your response rates and book more meetings.

Test which of your value propositions resonates with your customers by sending personalized emails at scale with Aristotle. 

Outreach on autopilot

Automate outreach. Maximise productivity.

Researching leads, finding valid emails, personalizing each message, buying domains, warming up inboxes, checking deliverability, diagnosing campaigns...

It doesn't feel like you'd be using your time effectively, does it?

Build your lead list on autopilot and personalize your emails seamlessly with Aristotle. All while you remain in flow to do what you do best.

How it works

4 steps to get you meetings on auto-pilot

1. Research

Aristotle understands your product & market and identifies potential customer personas and value propositions.

2. Plan

Aristotle presents a GTM canvas to get your confirmation on the identified customer personas, value propositions, and high-conversion messaging specially crafted for you.

3. Execute

Aristotle sets up multiple email addresses, finds leads, sends personalized emails, and follows up with those who reply.

4. Iterate

Aristotle sends a biweekly report with results and insights aiming to secure a 2%+ response rate by optimizing your ICP and value proposition combination.

Aristotle continues to iterate to a repeatable sales process.

343 emails sent → 27% reply rate → 43 meetings booked.


"Finding leads was not my area of expertise. I was also short on bandwidth as a lot of my time was spent on projects that further our mission. 

We spent a lot of time trying to piece together our own outreach machine. We even tried outsourcing to an agency. But they gave us mismatched partners who didn't align with our objectives. That's when we came across Aristotle."


"The previous service had very little room for us to adjust our strategy. But with Aristotle, things felt different.

They're constantly in the background looking for patterns, handling the outreach, and doing it systematically to find what's working (and not).

The check-ins were a great opportunity to refine and get better results. Our targeting got much closer and more in line with a great match.

Aristotle understood our mission and audience better than anyone else. They've been instrumental in taking our outreach process to the next level. Our partnership has been more than worth it."


Janel Spilker / Hustle Fund


Choose a path that works for you

There are two pathways for businesses at different stages in their journey.
Automation: An out-of-the-box solution to scale and automate an existing outbound process that is working. 

Foundation: A great start if you are still seeking product/market fit, finding messaging that resonates, and struggling to get replies and meetings consistently.



Per month (paid quarterly) +
pay per meeting booked

Deliverability optimization

Qualified lead generation

20-40 meetings per quarter*



Per month (paid quarterly)

Value proposition design

ICP identification

Experimentation design

2% positive response rate*

... and all of this is included in both pathways

Alternate domain purchase

Inbox warm-up

Research & prospecting

High conversion copywriting

Personalized emails

Dedicated Slack channel

Follow-up sequences

Campaign deployment

Bi-weekly reports

20+ lead sources

500+ high-intent leads per month

1 year of learning in 90 days


2x your response rate

Aristotle sends the right message at the right time to the right person in the right tone. 

Who are we?

Hey there, it's nice to meet you

We conceptualized Aristotle while working as EIRs at HustleFund.


Co-Founder and CEO

Hesh previously built a leading digital health company in his home country that was backed by Techstars. You can find him hatching a political renaissance in his spare time!


Co-Founder and CTO

Duli previously built a product that helps 50,000 authors write best-selling books on Amazon. He lives as a digital nomad, integrating into different esoteric cultures every quarter.

Frequently asked questions

Can't find the answer you need? Message us on chat.

What email address does Aristotle use?

Aristotle creates new domains and email addresses for you.

How does Aristotle ensure my personal brand is preserved when emailing on my behalf?

Aristotle personalizes emails based on your communication style and gets your approval on all email templates to ensure you are comfortable. 

Does Aristotle mass email leads?

No. Aristotle crafts a personalized email for every lead.

How does Aristotle find leads?

Aristotle uses 20+ lead sources and constantly monitors the internet to build lists based on public information. 

Does Aristotle respond to emails?

Yes. Aristotle’s goal is to spark interest with leads and book meetings on your calendar.

Aristotle will reply to emails and only bring you in if there is something specific that needs answering.

Do you also follow up or just send emails once?

Aristotle follows up on every email and takes care of the people who say no, and addresses any objections. 

How long does it take to start sending emails?

Aristotle needs three weeks to warm up the new email addresses. It is created on your behalf.

How long before I can expect to see results?

If you have not previously established a repeatable sales process through cold outbound, Aristotle’s Foundation product aims to do so within 90 days. 

What’s an example of messaging improvement in the Foundation product?

"Our software offers top-tier encryption security solutions. It protects your data from breaches and ensures that all your information remains confidential. Through our advanced algorithms, businesses have been able to keep their data 100X more secure."

After: "Tired of hearing about data breaches in the news and worried your company might be next? Imagine sleeping soundly, knowing your business's sensitive information is locked up tight. With [redacted], instead of hoping for the best, you're 100X less likely to be the next headline. And the best part? No PhD in tech required."

What's an example and personalization Aristotle has sent?

View it here.

How is Aristotle different from an outbound agency?

Outsourcing sales before you have a repeatable sales process is a big mistake for founders as you miss important insights along the way.

Aristotle gives you the best of both worlds by guiding you and doing the grunt work in iterating to a repeatable sales process whilst still keeping you in the driver's seat to absorb all the learnings. 

Could I do this myself?

Yes. But it’s exhausting and not a good use of your time and energy. Aristotle may also be better. 

Ready to

get revenue from your stalled leads?

always remain top of mind?

never leave money on the table?

maximize your win rate?

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